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The French "Nîmes Judicial Experts Association" is composed of over 200 qualified professionals in all domains including technical and scientific forensics.

All the European Union countries have different procedures for judicial expertise. There are many commonalities but also many differences between these procedures.

In France, a judicial expert is a qualified professional in a field other than law. It can be considered as this activity is not a permanent one. He is appointed by the judge to advise on technical issues. The french Court of Cassation called it : "occasional Judge collaborator" in the missions entrusted to it by the various French courts.  A french expert must be registered on the list of judicial experts in a Court of appeal. Specializations and competencies are defined in nomenclatures.

French Experts’ code of ethics : "I swear to give my support to the Justice, to accomplish my mission, to make my report, and give my opinion in my honor and my conscience."

Nîmes Judicial Experts Association is a member of the french national judicial experts organisation (CNCEJ).